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Exhibition, downloads, Mail Art - This Window

Recycled postcard that was originally a promo for ‘Cassette Culture

Cassette Culture 1989 - 2009 by This Window

1 You Have The Power (3:07)
2 Higest Mountains (3:34)
3 Avocets (3:46)
4 Is It A Dream? (3:14)
5 Extract (Live Regensburg Germany) (11:01)
6 Extraction Part 1 (7:30)
7 Extraction Part 2 (9:21)
8 Extraction Part 3 (7:53)
9 Extraction Part 4 (9:44)
10 Hungry Children (2:04)
11 Where Is My Jesus (Jig-saw Man)? (4:37)
Label: M4TR Productions
Cassette Culture 1989 - 2009
Format: File, MP3
Country: UK, Europe & US
Released: 16 Jan 2009
Genre: Rock
Style: Art Rock, Goth Rock, Experimental
Credits: Remix - Jake Bright
Notes: In January 2009 ‘Cassette Culture 1989 – 2009’ was released as a commercial download. This project contained remixes of a series of demo recordings made in 2008 and a section of the live Plac.Art.X set that was streamed over the Internet to Regensburg Germany in August 2007. This release also contains a complete remixed version of 'Extraction' which was originally released in 1989. These remixes were by Jake Bright.

Screen printed image created for an exhibition in 2012

The image above is a proof on paper of the screen used in the painting below.  "Nancy Spungen was born 6 days after I was born, unlike me she never got old." (This Window)

Whatever Happened to the Space Age

Original painting by Peter Bright (aka This Window).
Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated 2011.

Size: 500mm x 400mm
As an 11 year old I watched the first moon landing in 1969. I was mad about everything to do with space travel, I would read anything that was about rockets, cosmonauts and astronauts. Later in my life I shook the hand of a man who shook the hand of my all time hero Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, that was for me like touching history, if only secondhand (excuse the pun).

Nancy Spungen left home at age 17 and moved to New York City. She worked as a stripper around Times Square (and allegedly at a brothel as well). She followed bands such as Aerosmith, The New York Dolls and The Ramones. In 1977, she moved to London and met The Sex Pistols. When lead singer Johnny Rotten did not show interest in her, she pursued bassist Sid Vicious and they soon moved in together.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Katerina Stamatelos - website feature

From the website of:

Katerina Stamatelos

Find Gigs

I have been drawing since my childhood: models in fanciful dresses, but mostly entire cities. I also used to write poetry. 

By age nine, I knew exactly what I wanted to become in life: an architect! But then, by age fifteen, I listened to Khachaturian’s second symphony: my feelings were so intense that I immediately knew I HAD to become a musician. Composition never appeared into my fantasy world: I thought this was the privilege of musical geniuses and I did not consider myself being one.
Throughout my adolescence, several teachers of different disciplines were trying to talk me into this or the other artistic profession. All had one common demand: absolute devotion. I followed that by choosing piano performance and, over the next decades, I devoted myself to this art entirely. I was happy with my decision but not entirely happy to have chosen only one direction-and, secretly, continued drawing….. 

The good thing about my choice: I learned to focus. This ability would prove to be priceless during my later artistic development. But, one day, something inside me exploded: I allowed myself to study Fashion Design! What followed was a complete surprise: I started composing! Poetry seemed to flow naturally... Finally, serious painting followed.

Compositions List
Compositions list: Katerina Stamatelos' official webpage where a complete list of her compositions can be found.
Music Reviews.
Music reviews.Katerina Stamatelos's piano performance and composition music reviews.
Discography. Katerina Stamatelos, New Music Composer and Concert Pianist: Discography.
Up and coming events:

Saturday, October 29. 2011 @ 7 p.m.
Solo recital
Music in Williamsburg
preceded by church dinner @ 5:30 p.m.
Gretchen Saathoff, pianist
First Congregational Church of Williamsburg
Williamsburg, MA

Sunday, November 6, 2011 @ 4 p.m.
Solo recital
Sunday Concert Series
Gretchen Saathoff, pianist
Applewood at Amherst Retirement Community
Amherst, MA

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 @ noon
Solo recital
Wednesday Concert Series
Gretchen Saathoff, pianist
The Interchurch Center
New York, NY

Bach/Busoni, "Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ"
Bach, Prelude and Fugue No. XXII in B-flat minor, BWV 867, WTC Book I
Mendelssohn, "Songs Without Words" (selections)
Liszt, "Consolation No. 3"
Liszt, "Nuages Gris"
Katerina Stamatelos, "VARIATIONS and INVOCATIONupon a "Kyrie Eleison" and an "Anathema," Op. 4
In Memoriam Béla Bartók
Gershwin, Preludes:
Melody No. 17
Sleepless Night
Novelette in Fourths

Katerina Stamatelos - Interview

  • You have a list of awards etc. as long as my arm, do you think you have had a privileged transition through your career or do you think it has been an extremely hard journey?
I had a normal musical life: studied at Conservatories and Universities for many years. I had a "strict" schooling and excellent teachers. In this, I do feel "privileged". But I also had to work very hard for that. I started as a pianist and continued as a piano teacher/professor for many years, concertizing at the same time. My transition to composition was abrupt: I wrote a choral piece in Greece and it was chosen to be performed at the greatest concert hall of Thessaloniki (my home town) next to Mozart's "Requiem" and Haydn's "Symphonie Concertante". That was a shock! Having my first composition performed in front of an audience of 1,200 people! Read more...

A  D  V  E  R  T

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Art bits and pieces


Can a creative person ever be truly happy as they constantly strive for perfection in their chosen art? Listen to an interview with Garry Smout, who talks about the problems of using early portable black and white video cameras in the 1970’s, pioneering a literary review website the Barcelona Review, early synths and how to kill your babies. The problem with being creative is that everything has to be pushed to the limits.

I have decided to recycle some old preview invitations that I sent out for exhibitions over the years.

The ant and the word bug amused me.

The term mixed media has always made me want to reach for the puke bucket – I prefer the expression ‘Combine Painting’ or in this case ‘Combine Drawing’. I have always been a hoarder, newspaper clippings, postcards etc. It is only now that I have decided to recycle them. Juxtaposing images, either as a collage or printing is not simply a decorative process it is a complicated exercise. The mind always tries to create a narrative between images. The juxtaposition of arbitrary marks, color, photographs etc. will always tease and trick the mind into rationalizing what it is trying to process and attempt to make physical world references – in other words make sense of what it is trying to analyze.

BUg = aNT old exHIBitIOns

Invited to perform @ 3rd mail-art festival ( 14th April 1990) – OJC Clichee in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, as ‘This WindowClick here for This Window’s reviews in GAJOOB =======================
Royal Albert Memorial Museum Exeter March 2nd 1979 – 24th March 1979 Exhibition of Prints from Exeter College of Art
10-31 mai 1979 École Regional des Beaux-Arts RENNES Une exposition commune des élèves
“Come and see my new products on my new website! ;) You know as soon as that pops up in front of you on your screen the prospect of having a tooth removed without pain relief is more tempting. This constant relentless blitzkrieg of drivel makes me want to surrender. Quite frankly if your modus operandi is purely to get noticed, because you think  you are interesting, you need to get a life! Put some of your energy into saving the planet (or a Panda) and not just your ego. Better still get out there and make real friends and become interesting.
This constant bombardment of self promotion from twitter, facebook etc. is driving me nuts. The Internet is a more sophisticated tool than this. It is a travesty to allow it to become a vehicle for pure unadulterated, egotistical spam.

Read more:

Twitter has taught us to edit our content -  you only have 140 creative letters (characters)  to tell or sell your dreams. There are several ways small and large businesses can  entice prospective clients by using keywords.  Continue reading