Saturday, 27 August 2011

West Buckland Festival - Auction

West Buckland Festival


Bidders are invited to make secret bids for lots in the 'Silent Auction' from 15th August by placing a sealed envelop, containing a sheet of paper with your name, address, bid and telephone number on it, into the 'Bid Box' in St Peter's Church, West Buckland. You may place an email bid here.

The winner of each Lot will be announced at ‘The Evening with Dana’ concert on Sunday 11th September.

Lot 1 : The choice of one of three paintings or drawings by Gerald Moore. These will be exhibited in St. Peter’s Church from 15th August until 11th September 2011.

Minimum Bid £200

The three paintings are part of the unique Collection of the Works of Gerald Moore and are due to be exhibited permanently soon in a London Gallery. Read more…

‘Dog in Landscape’ is in the top 10 blogs for Arts in the charts and the top 100 for Living.

Original painting by Peter Bright

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