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Pictures of an Exhibition

La Belle et La Bête

Long Gallery 150 Building by This Window
Long Gallery 150 Building, a photo by This Window on Flickr.
View down the long gallery of the Peter Bright Exhibition of Prints, Drawings and Paintings in the 150 Building, West Buckland School Monday 6th June – Friday 1st July (open 0900 to 1600 Mon. to Fri.)

Postcard for exhibition 

I will mail you a postcard of an image that was exhibited recently in an exhibition of mine. I have always loved the idea of Mail Art - the forerunner of the Internet!

Mail art is a worldwide cultural movement that began in the early 1960s and involves sending visual art (but also music, sound art, poetry, etc.) through the international postal system. Mail Art is also known as Postal Art or Correspondence Art. The term networking is often used to describe Mail Art activities, based on the principles of barter and equal one-to-one collaboration.

After a peak in popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Mail Art phenomenon has gradually migrated to the Internet, whose “social networks” were largely anticipated and predicted by the interactive processes of postal collaborations. Nevertheless, Mail Art is still practiced in the new Millennium by a loose planetary community involving thousands of mailartists from the most varied backgrounds.

Mail art. (2011, June 5). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 09:11, June 10, 2011, from http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mail_art&oldid=432628954
To receive your postcard click the button below - the £1.00 is to cover postage etc.

La Belle et La Bête

There is a good article about the exhibition in The North Devon Journal:

'BOLD and arresting artwork will catch the eye at West Buckland School this month. The striking exhibition of prints, drawings and paintings is by Woolacombe artist, Peter Bright.

In it, Peter revisits images and ideas from his past and re-execute them in print and paint.

A picture of the astronaut inspired the paintings on canvases, on the theme of, 'What Happened To The Space Age?' Read more...

Beauty and the Beast - painting 2011 a painting by This Window (aka Peter Bright). What is the relationship between the woman and the ape? Who is the beast? ...

Friday, 10 June 2011

Whistleblow - electro music compilation

Pre-Release Review Coming Soon

Net.Ware Whistleblow

International electro music compilation

EAN 4050486050156
Label: Electro Arc
CD No.: 1001020
Release date: 15. July 2011
Genre: Electronic, ambient,
Subgenre: Electro, EBM, Synthpop, Minimal, indutrial dance

01 (Klonavenus) Net.Ware Whistleblow [01] The Borderline
02 (Subviolet) Net.Ware Whistleblow [02] Sign
03 (Minor) Net.Ware Whistleblow [03] Infection
04 (Apophysia) Net.Ware Whistleblow [04] Shingon
05 (Das Institut) Net.Ware Whistleblow [05] Restelektrizität
06 (Batch ID) Net.Ware Whistleblow [06] Spöken
07 (Rebel Empire) Net.Ware Whistleblow [07] Machinery (Batch ID Remix)
08 (Tech Nomader) Net.Ware Whistleblow [08] Tactics (Featuring Awilum)
09 (Noonatac) Net.Ware Whistleblow [09] Plastix
10 (Letzte Ausfahrt Leben) Net.Ware Whistleblow [10] Cocon (Single Edit)
11 (FTANNG!) Net.Ware Whistleblow [11] King Of My World (Adenoma Rmx By MC1R)
12 (Nemesis21) Net.Ware Whistleblow [12] Hibernation V1.4
13 (LPF 12) Net.Ware Whistleblow [13] The Experience Is The New Reality (Alternate Version)
14 (Sick En For) Net.Ware Whistleblow [14] Legislative Influence For Sale

This Window - 'Cassette Culture': Still Available from Electro Arc: "Review: ...As the stony voice and slithering guitar move deliciously over the stark beat and disdainful bass 'Where Is My Jesus' creeps about..."

Nude Woodcut for sale

This series of woodcuts is available to purchase. This image was exhibited in the 150 Building at West Buckland School, North Devon. This woodcut is printed over pages of an old directory of important people from the early 20th century. … Continue reading

Nude Woodcut Prints #printmaking

 Nude Woodcut 
This woodcut is printed over pages of an old directory of important people published in the 20th century. This image was exhibited in the 150 Building at West Buckland School, North Devon. Available from Store.

This Window - 'Cassette Culture': Nude Woodcut: "Nude Woodcut. This series of woodcuts is available to purchase. Each print is unique and is hand printed (unframed) and is delivered free of charge."

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