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This week's top ten

After recovering from a few technical issues we are proud to publish this week top interviews, reviews and stories on

  • Below is an email interview with Intrendent. All interviews are published unedited. When did you begin releasing music? Started making Ta...
  • The 2011 West Buckland Festival promises to be exceptional. We have the best array of artists and performers and Workshop leaders ever....
  • Last November we had some simple answers to a few simple questions I'd asked Lidwine returned - I was forwarded this YouTube video a few day...
  • Goosebumps, tingles and bass in your rib cage - This is without doubt total class. It has been our policy over the years to focus on the ...
  • This Window - 'Cassette Culture': Napalm Exmoor : "This was an extremely successful sell out exhibition – below is the text that went with ...
  • Photo by Veronica Henry I have been looking forward to going to see a Bat For Lashes live gig again and on the whole I wasn't too disappo...
  • There are thousands of podcasts out there that deliver repetitive, dull, boring music mixed in with inane verbal garbage, a masturbation f...
  • As you know I am a sucker for analogue synth sounds. Any chance to listen to something that has references to Kraftwerk (it need only be mi...
  • Eriek Van Havere is one of my all time heroes of the underground, he has been releasing high quality products for years and years. Original...
  • The Birthday Party (In Paperback) Published by Orion 21 July 2011 Delilah Rafferty has lived out her tempestuous marriage to hell-raiser ...

     I can also recommend visiting this page if you like NOISE

This Window - 'Cassette Culture': This Window - Extraction

This Window - 'Cassette Culture': This Window - Extraction: This Window - Extraction - 2009 remix by Jake Bright - Extraction Part 1 (7:30)

Please support and buy one of these tracks on iTunes

This Window - Cassette Culture 1989 - 2009 - Extraction Pt. 1

This Window - 'Cassette Culture': Napalm Exmoor

This Window - 'Cassette Culture': Napalm Exmoor: "This was an extremely successful sell out exhibition – below is the text that went with the show:

Weedkiller Over Clematis
(Oil paint on canvas - all sold)

The fashion for gardening, for an asthmatic, is a cruel joke. We have been ‘doing’ the garden at our home and I made the mistake of planting several climbing plants – I now know I have another contact allergy! Yet again concrete is the only true solution to my problems. The larger paintings in this exhibition are based on the colours these climbing plants go when you spray them with weedkiller."

Thursday, 26 May 2011

West Buckland Festival 2011 - Events

The 2011 West Buckland Festival promises to be exceptional. We have the best array of artists and performers and Workshop leaders ever. I hope that you will find time to look at the dozen different Events that we shall be holding between 8th and 11th September and that you will decide to come along to as many Events as you can manage.

Most of our Events are staged in St Peter’s Church, West Buckland and our Village Hall and we are most grateful to all who help and allow us to stage this Festival.
Friday and Saturday evening
£ 10.00 each in advance

£ 12.00 on the door

£ 5.00 Children under 14
Sunday with Dana
£ 15.00 no concessions
Festival Walk
£ 5.00
£ 7.50

Nicola Clement
Old Station Road
Barnstaple EX32 8PB

West Buckland Festival website is powered by 100% wind energy. The machines hosting their site and e-mail are fully eco-friendly! As energy awareness continues to grow, people are not just looking to make lifestyle adjustments, they want to make environmentally responsible decisions, this site is powered by renewable energy. Contact North Devon Web for details on how to make your business website more in tune with today’s responsible business (moral and environmental) obligations.

West Buckland Festival are supporting:
All tickets will be available from 20th June 2011. For a full list of exhibitions, workshops and evening performances please visit:

A very Special evening with
Dana - in person
We are pleased to announce that Dana will be appearing in St Peter's Church on Sunday 11th September 2011. A number of her songs will be performed with a choir of local schoolchildren. There are only a limited number of tickets available so please visit our 'Box Office'.
Dana won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970, beating such well known, international singing stars as Julio Inglesias. Read more...

It’s Cabaret Time! An all star cast hosted by your
7:30 -10:00 pm in St Peter’s Church
‘‘the best pianist in the civilised world’ – Jonathan Ross
LOUISE LLOYD – back again with her beautiful sonorous voice
MATT PANG – our Gentleman Jester, contortionist and trickster
JIMMY TAMLEY- your very own Ventriloquist and Comic
ELLIE HUBBLE – the outstanding Saxophonist

Tickets (including refreshments) £10 in advance, £12 at the door, Children under 14 – £5

Monday, 23 May 2011

Lidwine - The Coast

Last November we had some simple answers to a few simple questions I'd asked Lidwine returned - I was forwarded this YouTube video a few days ago and decided to give it a polite nonchalant glance (I'd had a few beers and was a bit bored and thought 'Entertain Me'!) - I began to listen and  guess what it was charming (a pretty naff word to use) I was captured. The interview...

This article was scrambled together by This Window

Sunday, 22 May 2011

EE Tapes - Eriek Van Havere

Eriek Van Havere is one of my all time heroes of the underground, he has been releasing high quality products for years and years. Originally distributing and acquiring unusual bands through the mail art scene. I came into contact with him around 1988 when he kindly put several tracks of mine onto his compilation cassettes. In 1989 he asked me to do a whole tape of my own stuff which he released in 1989. This cassette album was titled 'Extraction' - it is still the best thing I have produced - it never sold as many copies as my later releases like 'You Have The Power', which was distributed by Microsoft but it was written at a time when I was a a 'creative high'.

I was invited by him to perform at a mail art / radio show / art exhibition in 1990 and had the pleasure of his company for a few days. He is a kind man but is convinced he is not an Artist. I'm sorry to inform him that he is an Artist - the attention to detail he takes over his releases is ART.  EE Tapes (Belgium) is one of the best quality independent labels out there. Anyway I like him a lot simply because he likes the work of Clifford T. Ward......

I can recommend visiting his labels webpage it is crammed with audio delights

The extract below is taken from my favourite online resource: The Living Archive of Underground Music, written by Don Campau

Did you have a philosophy or a particular sound you were trying to advocate on EE Tapes?
How did you decide on the artists for the first few tapes?

No particular philosophy except maybe promoting the artists whose sounds I liked?

As to compilations I've always worked by personal invitation. “Send me a dark imaginary soundtrack of your inner mind” I used for the long-running Notre-Dame series (13 volumes). Maybe this phrase set the tone for the darker electronic sound? But I did rock releases too, like Viktimized Karcass, Na Und or Dull Schicksal. Most full tapes came by invitation too as far as I can remember.....

"Extraction" proves conclusively that they are no mere flash in the pan,with 'songs' that sting in the face,& playing that flays the senses raw. I clearly prefer This Window to any other current state of the artmixers that are presently popular. Read More...

This article was scrambled together by This Window

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

DAIZY - I'll Be Alright


Found this on Facebook:

DAIZY is 13. This is her first self-penned song entitled 'I'll Be Alright'. The track was recorded at in Bristol. Produced by Wake (Dastards).

I'll Be Alright by DAIZY

Saturday, 14 May 2011

This Window in the top ten!

Great news! This Window's blog has reached number 9 in the Technorati top ten Art blogs.

This Window were active participants in the 1980's ‘Cassette Culture’, ‘DIY’ movement during which time eight solo album releases were produced.

In January 2009 ‘Cassette Culture 1989 – 2009’ was released as a commercial download. This project contained remixes of a series of demo recordings made in 2008 and a section of the live Plac.Art.X set that was streamed over the Internet to Regensburg Germany in August 2007. This release also contains a complete remixed version of 'Extraction' which was originally released in 1989. These remixes were by Jake Bright the bass player from Alms.

Below is a section from a review by Mick Mercer in his journal (November 21st, 2009). His is one of our favorite sites on the web.

"Extraction Part 1’ through to ‘Extraction Part 4’ works out as about thirty five minutes from the ‘Extraction’ album, with everything from scuzzy guitar doldrums, to foul-mouthed American opinion, displaced operatics, Industrial rumblings, orchestral fritters, world musicish musings and waverings, rhythmic sibilance. ‘Hungry Children’ is a weird disquieting flutter, then the gloriously swaggering ‘Where Is My Jesus?’ is real style because this is as good a post-punk slinky noir standout as you’ll find, which then ends up as ‘Jig-Saw Man’, a mutant punk fumble. If you like your music unpredictable but weighty this is for you."


Exhibition of Prints, Drawings and Paintings by
Peter Bright

Monday 6th June – Friday 1st July (open 0900 to 1600 Mon. to Fri.)
150 Building, West Buckland School

Old images and ideas revisited and recycled - re-executed in print and paint. A body of work based around "Beauty and the Beast" a classic tale of love, rejection and prejudice, where the beauty is the beast and the beast is the beauty. An allegory, a symbolic representation or a metaphor for my feelings towards ART.

Quote: “Take up a radical position with Peter Bright, who is borderline anarchic in his thinking and equally bold in his art.” Andrea Charters … Continue reading ?

This exhibition will coincide with a printmaking course I will be giving. Read more...

Contact me for more details.

Print on paper of gorilla and church part of the work to be exhibited in the Long Gallery at West Buckland School...Continue reading ?

Friday, 13 May 2011

Lost Pages

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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Birthday Party by Veronica Henry

The Birthday Party
(In Paperback)
Published by Orion 21 July 2011
Delilah Rafferty has lived out her tempestuous marriage to hell-raiser Raf in the full glare of the media spotlight. Now, from the luxurious comfort of her beautiful kitchen, Delilah is planning her birthday party, a night that will see a star-studded gathering of friends and family celebrate in traditional Rafferty style. But she has more on her mind than just invitations… Raf has been offered a part in a movie he can’t refuse. But will that mean he’ll succumb to the temptations he’s struggled so hard to resist for the last ten years – beautiful women and too much wine? And Delilah’s three daughters, Coco, Violet and Tyger, are building careers of their own, only too aware that the press are waiting for them to slip up. For although the Rafferty girls might look like angels, they are only human. As with all families, there are secrets and rivalries bubbling away, and on one gloriously starry night, it’s all going to come spilling out This is your invitation to a birthday party of the year…

Zak  on The Birthday Party
I loved this - the secret love child of Jilly Cooper and Jackie Collins - what more can you ask for?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Free Art Download

My art for free This page is lifted from

This image is a version of a lithograph I did in 1978. To download it (high resolution) click on the image. This print was manipulated using Photoshop in 2002 and exhibited in 2004. The original lithograph, which is framed and signed is for sale at £85.00. If you want to buy it contact me.

If you download it, print it off and then mail it to me I will sign it and return it if you send me the postage costs.

Background info: 1978: I once had a girlfriend called Anne who wore ‘Charlie’ perfume. Every time we came close I sneezed.  I was allergic to her bottled smell…

During the 1980‘s I was involved with the Mail Art scene. Mail art is a worldwide cultural movement that began in the early 1960‘s and involves sending visual art (but also music, sound art, poetry, etc.) through the international postal system. Mail Art is also known as Postal Art or Correspondence Art. The term networking is often used to describe Mail Art activities, based on the principles of barter and equal one-to-one collaboration.

After a peak in popularity in the late 1980‘s and early 1990‘s, the Mail Art phenomenon has gradually migrated to the Internet, whose “social networks” were largely anticipated and predicted by the interactive processes of postal collaborations. Nevertheless, Mail Art is still practiced in the new Millennium by a loose planetary community involving thousands of mailartists from the most varied backgrounds.

Q U O T E : “The perfect conduit for This Window’s music and art was the Cassette Culture and Mail Art scenes. These networks of artists and musicians encouraged an early form of open source cooperation, with projects being shared and created. This methodology fitted in with This Window’s approach to creativity.”
above from:

BlankBand website builder

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bat for Lashes - Strangelove


The combination of two of my favorite bands/artistes, one the writer and the other the cover singer could go either way. I found this track on in a post made in March 2011. I think is is jolly good - when is Natasha going to release some new stuff and play in the UK? Australia????

"Strangelove" was Depeche Mode's eighteenth UK single, released on April 13, 1987, and the first single off Music for the Masses and made #16 in the UK charts.

 From our Archive: by Jake Bright

After catching one of their performances in Bristol in April 2009, I was hooked. Clad in a boiler suit and a Jacobean ruff, frontwoman Natasha Kahn took absolute control. Her quirky mannerisms (howling at the audience; hanging prayer bells round her neck etc.) only added to the slightly bizarre nature of the performance. Surrounded by old TVs, glowing angels and stuffed woodland creatures, it was like looking into an Indie-Narnia.

Ex Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherly took her place on Bass and Guitars; Sarah Jones of New Young Pony Club fame took a seat behind the drums; and syth-maestro Ben Christophers joined on electronics and whatever else he could find. Together with Natasha, they recreated the sounds of the two albums with an added dimension - one that made you realise Kahn's dream extends far beyond what goes on in the studio. Read more...

Friday, 6 May 2011

Frank Joshua - Easy Two

Rain is a fantastic track but then again so is Kiss (Duet).... Without repeating myself (from other pages on SystemCulture) what I really love about Frank Joshua's music is the total commitment given to the way everything sounds: the vocals are rich and precise, the guitars sound like guitars (which is actually difficult to do) and ... etc. Quality always comes through in the end and this is a definite winner. Pass me another glass of wine please I'm going to listen again.

The ability to deliver a song that is listenable on many levels is a triumph and a rare gift. Great vocals, great arrangements; I salute the producer of these tracks - little bits jump out from the background, grab your attention, suck you in and then you are hooked. Read more...


Below is part of an interview on SystemCulture:
  • As a (very) middle aged man I am an embarrassment to my children because...I still find 'new' music addictive. Do you think music is going through a Renaissance and that maybe there might be something new and exciting around the corner or is it all over and done?
Firstly I need to make it clear that embarrassing your children is the only clear job a parent has! Music’s long way from being over and done. I feel like I hear something that grabs my attention most days of the week. Which doesn’t mean I can’t get all middle aged on occasion (and complain about the lack of melodies in this “American rap music”) but mostly I keep finding myself surprised when I hear something that seems so obvious but which I’d never have thought of doing. And it’s even possible that not only do I over hear things that my kids are playing and like it, but that I might even introduce them to things! This certainly happens to me in my day job when the young things I work with put on a track and I can pick out the old samples in it. I’d like to think they’re impressed by that by I have a feeling they may not be! Read More...
Questions by This Window


If you want us to give you a Quote for a 'Green' web site or are interested in our 'Green hosting plans please contact us via North Devon Web...

This week's top ten

Postcard for exhibition 
Below are the ten most popular articles, interviews and reviews of artists on this site this week. We are really pleased that all genres are attracting visitors. The weekly charts are calculated on the amount of clicks and visits on the pages and do not include plays etc.

Framed - Here comes an exhibition:

Quotes: “Take up a radical position with Peter Bright, who is borderline anarchic in his thinking and equally bold in his art.” Andrea Charters “I keep thinking about George Braque who learnt artificial wood graining from his time as a … Continue reading

First Aid 4 Souls - Deathstep

I have always liked the work of 'First Aid 4 Souls'  and this latest release is even better than their last release Brutpop - read more about the label they are on here.

Atmospherical sounds with elements of ethno-rythm, classical strings and samples from computer games and SciFi-Effects - Deathstep is more than your average EBM beat blitzkrieg, it is almost subtle in places (?) and as their label's press release states; there are a lot of creative juices from America, England, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and Japan mixed together on this thumping gem.

Very, very FAB!

Die aus Ungarn stammende Formation First Aid 4 Souls sind in ihrer Heimat keine Unbekannten mehr und István Gazdag war schon in den frühen 90er mit Bands wie Clock DVA oder Swamp Terrorists mit auf der Bühne. Erst im Jahre 2006 gründete er dann mit dem Schlagzeuger István Drimál zusammen das Projekt.

Aushänge Schild für das Projekt ist unter anderem, dass hier sehr viele Stimmen zum Einsatz kommen. Neben den festen Gesangsstimmen von Katalin Helfenbein und Attila Palfalvyst, bringen sich hier als Gaststimme Madalina Kertesz, Linda Daemon (Drugzone), Mark Duffield (I Am One) und Aaron Russell (Impurfekt) ein. Die Gesangsstimmen werden meist in verschiedenen Variationen verzerrt, nur selten gewinnt man den Eindruck das die Stimme unverfälscht geblieben ist.

Catalog No.: 1001019
Release date: April, 2011
Label: Electro Arc
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Industrial

Cover Art: Gábor
All music by: István Gazdag


01 You Are In A Box
02 Among Strangers
03 No More Smile
04 Agony
05 The Watchman's Circle I
06 Lifeforce
07 Sekuhara
08 House Harkonnen
09 Notes From Underground
10 Wrong Call To God
11 No Mercy (Cybertears Mix)
12 Seelenlos (Deathstep Version)
13 The Watchman's Circle II
14 Soulscape
15 The End Of Culture

Katalin Helfenbein, Aaron Russell (Impurfekt),
Mark Duffield (I Am One), Mir Colon (Kifoth),
David Konsiczky, Istvan Gazdag