Monday, 20 December 2010

West Buckland Festival 2011 Events

The Festival will start on Thursday 8th and end on the late evening of Sunday 11th September 2011

Thursday evening:

The Festival will commence at 7p.m on Thursday when The Gallery Exhibition will be open for viewing in St Peter’s Church. There will be a Special Preview, between 7 and 9pm; and this year we shall have another innovation – a series of Mini Master Classes, when visitors will have the opportunity to listen to and discuss with some of the Artists and Crafts people (with easels or craft tools and equipment). They will be in attendance to talk about their work to small groups of people in different parts of St Peter’s Church. We shall publish details of who will do short talks/ demonstrations of their work at a later date. First class refreshments will be available as well as wine and soft drinks. Many Works of art will be for sale.

Friday evening:

This year we shall have a special Classical Concert featuring well known music composed in the 19th and early 20th century – Paganini, Bizet, Ravel, Grieg and maybe a touch of Elgar. We shall, as always feature some young musicians near the top of their skills. Many will come from North Devon but will be at Music Schools around the UK.

Saturday evening:

In 2009 we had Music Hall, in 2010 it was Cabaret and this year the Show will be pure Variety.We have already booked three favourites from past years – Louise Lloyd – the beautiful Soprano, who two years ago led a packed audience in Land of Hope and Glory, is back and will be as great a pleasure as ever.

Sunday evening:

On Sunday 11 th September the West Buckland Festival will have the first really well known international STAR that we have booked. We cannot say who that will be yet; the Contract has been signed, but there are still a few i's to dot before we can make the announcement; this will be in March. So, stand by to buy your tickets – space is limited and we know that so many of you will WANT to come. Enough said – for now!

During the run up to the West Buckland Festival (North Devon, UK) we will be sending out information and special offers to people who receive our Newsletter. If you would like to receive our Newsletter please enter your email into the form here.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

@ReverbNation - Myspace Layouts

MySpace have finally shot themselves in the foot. Updating the look and feel of a site is very important but... I have tried to update a profile on the new system and I have had to give up. It is slow to respond, there is no really logical, intuitive navigation around the tools and the finished product (using their layouts) looks amateurish and so old fashioned. Very disappointing and extremely dull.

Looks like ReverbNation have won the war!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

On Exist - Micro Interview

My grasp of the English language is minimal and my understanding of French is even less - I blame the English school system and possibly myself for being stupid.

On Exist are from France (which explains why most of their songs are in French) - language is a funny thing you need the the key to crack the code otherwise it is all meaningless. Spoken or written words are mute if you can't understand them. 'Twelfth Night' has the famous line in it, 'If music be the food of love, play on;' Shakespear was half right, music might be the food of love but it is also a universal key to understanding.

There are a couple of tracks on ReverbNation but there is more of a selection on MySpace  - which in my opinion are better - however I think 'Young Person' is a mighty fine track.

I have no idea what On Exist are singing about (my Primary School French taught me that la neige is snow) but tracks like 'Si La Neige' are beautiful in any language, beautifully recorded and simply mixed and produced - voice, a bit of guitar, bass, bell and harmonies - what more do you need (did I hear a parrot in the background?). If anybody out there fancies roughly translating the lyrics then put them in the comments below.

Micro Interview:

Description: French songs ... Et je répond mieux au xquestions en français. Même si j'ai de la famille en Ecosse

Releases: The Ocean Christmas compilation..with many other artist.

Network: MySpace and Facebook just because it's simple. But for the pro relations we need everytime CD.

What They Have Written:

En 1987, Muriel fait ses premières gammes de guitare sur un banc toulousain. Denis passant par là, s'arrête un moment lui dit quelques mots, échange quelques phrases puis continue sa route .

C'est en 2007 que Muriel et Denis se retrouvent enfin dans la vie comme à la scène pour créer leur duo "on EXIST" et ainsi traduire à travers leurs chansons la passion qui les anime.

Passion des mots, du sens de l'existence, de la force émotionnelle des musiques de l'âme, de la transe naturelle émanant des musiques pop, rock et trip.

1987/2007, juste vingt ans pour se rejoindre...

Cela pourrait n'être qu'une belle histoire mais le plus beau, c'est qu'elle est vraie !