Saturday, 17 April 2010

Jake Bright - Dastards - This Window - feature

The text below is taken from The North Devon Journal.

"But as well as the bands, I produced and wrote for This Window, an avant-garde 'cassette culture' outfit."
Now studying for a degree in music at Bristol University, Jake is still involved with The Window and gets regular airplay in Eastern Europe as well as appearing in a couple of Russian music magazines. Read more...

A CLASSICALLY trained musician from Woolacombe has just seen his band make Number One in the unsigned UK charts with their latest offering, Take A Left.
Jake Bright, who plays bass with Dastards, started his music career long before taking up the double bass at West Buckland School. Read more...

A pragmatic Jake said: "Composition is the avenue I want to go down, but if the band kicks off then that will definitely be the main focus of my career for the foreseeable future." Read more...

Check out free download "Where Is My Jesus?" by This Window featuring Jake on bass.

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Friday, 2 April 2010

Attrition - Archive

  • Some of your early releases were on labels like IRRE Tapes and EE Tapes, these labels were part of the DIY cassette movement. This was an important network for us (one my favourite cassette labels at the time was Insane Music, who were the first to give us a release). Do you think this (postal) network was important to independent artists at the time and that MySpace et al have become the natural siblings or are they totally different?
The whole cassette network was very important... really tied in with the fanzine net work we had at the same time...(i used to run a fanzine called Alternative Sounds myself from 1979-81...until ATTRITION took over my full attention!...) Cassettes were a really good way to get your music out to people without the vast expense of pressing records... you could make up as many as you wanted and they were so cheap to mail out etc.... they really helped a lot of artsists like ourselves.... and became big for a while with some excellent quality releases...and they were taken seriously by the press and record stores.... our first cassette releases sold many hundred copies.......
CDR's took over from casettes for a while but nowadays the internet has replaced a lot of the networking tools like fanzines and cassettes.... although the internet is an amazing too...i cannot even imagine how we managed to organise anything with out it now!.... at the same time we have been flooded with....well DATA.... there is TOO MUCH information around.... and it can be hard to keep your head above that....
its almost like we need something again to stand out.... perhaps cassettes?... :)
  • You are one of the most prolific independent artist I know; it must be really hard work to keep producing releases with such high (quality) standards. Is it getting easier?
I never think i am all that prolific...we have put out a LOT of's slowed a little recently as i've got so involved with reissuing material through our own Two Gods label....
I don't think it is EVER any easier to make and release music.... but that is the magic of it isnt it.... chasing the elusive.... Read more

The most successful businesses, relationships, art, music, lives, walk along a very long (thin) tightrope that has success and failure on either side of it. Every day we walk this tightrope trying not to fall off. To much success means there is (creatively) no where else to go, the only way left is down and spiraling into failure just means you are finished. If you fall off, it is tough to get back up and dust yourself off. We are all doomed - the smart people stay on that tightrope; this is where optimum efficiency lives and creativity is at its best. Attrition have been traversing this line for years and years and years and they haven't fallen off yet. It is difficult to pick a track that covers decades of material but - 'Two Gods' is a good place to start, then you will be entrapped in their dark, enveloping, Gothic world - one of the most important bands in the history of music...


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Asaf Sirkis Trio - Broomhill (North Devon, UK)

This is a must see event if you are in the North Devon area - defiantly a gig that will be worth seeing and a venue to eat great food at.

Asaf Sirkis Trio - Wed 07 Apr 2010 - 20:00

"Israeli-born drummer and London resident Asaf Sirkis unleashes with thunderous abandon on this hard-hitting fusion offering that harkens back to a time before the genre became codified, diluted and reduced to a critical joke." - Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times (USA), April 2009

"...Sirkis simply the most sensitive of percussionists" - Chris Parker, January 2009

"Sirkis is not only an inventive drummer but also a composer of rigour, wit and surprising delicacy" - Chris Ingham, Mojo Magazine, October 2008

Asaf Sirkis - Drums
Yaron Stavi - Bass
Tassos Spiliotopoulos - Guitar

Tickets - £7.50 per person for Jazz. £12.50 for Jazz plus Mediterranean Tapas buffet and cheese board.
Visit for further information.