Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Jenni French - Archive

Below is part an email interview with Jenni French and a section of a review.
  • How would you describe your music?
We try to be as original as possible, which is hard since it’s all been done before. We’re going for a smooth,
  • What other project are/have you been involved in?
Toby has been involved for several years with both sound engineering and recording live on tour and in the studio. With my experience in the film business, working with digital effects combined with my love for music and singing, I became fascinated with studio recording. Naturally our music gives us a joint creative outlet. First we started recording by experimenting in Cubase, then we got into Protools and Reason but now we've discovered Logic.
  • Do you think things like the free Microsoft download scheme is the way forward for independent artists?
Absolutely, downloads are the way to get your music out there, it’s a must. Downloads and free plays “streaming” are a great way for people to find new music they like, you can cover a lot of ground fast. What we love about it is that it’s pure. It’s the true artist representing exactly what they are about. We’ve come across so many talented artists out there through I believe that reverbnation and similar music websites are the heart and soul of the "new" music industry. Read more...
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Jenni is a singer, songwriter and recording artist. She records her own music using ProTools with husband, Toby Francis. All the tracks on the player are different but have (undoubtedly) a Jenni French sound and feel. I was really disappointed when the tracks were over, I wanted more. Read More...


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Finally our S P O N S O R S

Quail eggs for lunch After a long wait we have finally got enough eggs to have them as part of a meal. It was worth the wait, they were delicious...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Fafnirrockson - Three questions

This is full of big filmic sounds, fairy tale harps and fat sounds.Tightly controlled reverb that doesn't flood the panorama and subtle beats. Read more...

  • How would you describe your music? My music cannot be fixed to a certain style. Rather it is a very creative and unconventional interpretation of different styles.
  • Have you any releases coming out soon? Yes, soon.
  • What is your favorite networking site and why? Reverbnation, because it is a good site for is the basis for all other sites. 
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Monday, 1 March 2010

Archive - Karin Beckérus - Out of Quebec

I have been exceptionally busy with demanding projects at the moment so I have got very behind with reviews and interviews. SystemCulture is proving to be an exceptionally useful tool for me it has enabled me to list and catalog some of my favorite signed and unsigned bands. As I have a couple of minutes free I thought I would dip into the list and republish a review of one of my favorite discoveries: Original post

I think I've become a stalker....I absolutely love Karin Beckérus. I would like to point out to Karin's family and friends, my wife, my kids, my lawyer and any private detective following me that I have no evil, weird or malicious intent going on in my mind, I just think she makes great music.

When things are stripped down to the bare minimum you always end up with a purity of thought. I am envious of the ability to make something that is minimal, sound as big as the world. Old school (German?) electronic music sounded like this, there was a limited amount of equipment available to use so their resources dictated the sound of the final product; these days we all have an unlimited supply of samples and virtual synths, we can be as big and as fat as we want - the trick is to be selective. There is an old blues guitar saying, 'it is not what you play, it is the spaces you leave that make a good song'. Out of Quebec make the spaces sound massive and give me butterflies in my stomach.

And Out of Quebec says:

Out of Quebec is a solo project out of Stockholm focusing on creating dark and experimental tracks with expressive vocals. Karin Beckérus of Out of Quebec has a classical musical training and have been working with electronic music for only a few years.

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