Monday, 20 December 2010

West Buckland Festival 2011 Events

The Festival will start on Thursday 8th and end on the late evening of Sunday 11th September 2011

Thursday evening:

The Festival will commence at 7p.m on Thursday when The Gallery Exhibition will be open for viewing in St Peter’s Church. There will be a Special Preview, between 7 and 9pm; and this year we shall have another innovation – a series of Mini Master Classes, when visitors will have the opportunity to listen to and discuss with some of the Artists and Crafts people (with easels or craft tools and equipment). They will be in attendance to talk about their work to small groups of people in different parts of St Peter’s Church. We shall publish details of who will do short talks/ demonstrations of their work at a later date. First class refreshments will be available as well as wine and soft drinks. Many Works of art will be for sale.

Friday evening:

This year we shall have a special Classical Concert featuring well known music composed in the 19th and early 20th century – Paganini, Bizet, Ravel, Grieg and maybe a touch of Elgar. We shall, as always feature some young musicians near the top of their skills. Many will come from North Devon but will be at Music Schools around the UK.

Saturday evening:

In 2009 we had Music Hall, in 2010 it was Cabaret and this year the Show will be pure Variety.We have already booked three favourites from past years – Louise Lloyd – the beautiful Soprano, who two years ago led a packed audience in Land of Hope and Glory, is back and will be as great a pleasure as ever.

Sunday evening:

On Sunday 11 th September the West Buckland Festival will have the first really well known international STAR that we have booked. We cannot say who that will be yet; the Contract has been signed, but there are still a few i's to dot before we can make the announcement; this will be in March. So, stand by to buy your tickets – space is limited and we know that so many of you will WANT to come. Enough said – for now!

During the run up to the West Buckland Festival (North Devon, UK) we will be sending out information and special offers to people who receive our Newsletter. If you would like to receive our Newsletter please enter your email into the form here.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

@ReverbNation - Myspace Layouts

MySpace have finally shot themselves in the foot. Updating the look and feel of a site is very important but... I have tried to update a profile on the new system and I have had to give up. It is slow to respond, there is no really logical, intuitive navigation around the tools and the finished product (using their layouts) looks amateurish and so old fashioned. Very disappointing and extremely dull.

Looks like ReverbNation have won the war!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

On Exist - Micro Interview

My grasp of the English language is minimal and my understanding of French is even less - I blame the English school system and possibly myself for being stupid.

On Exist are from France (which explains why most of their songs are in French) - language is a funny thing you need the the key to crack the code otherwise it is all meaningless. Spoken or written words are mute if you can't understand them. 'Twelfth Night' has the famous line in it, 'If music be the food of love, play on;' Shakespear was half right, music might be the food of love but it is also a universal key to understanding.

There are a couple of tracks on ReverbNation but there is more of a selection on MySpace  - which in my opinion are better - however I think 'Young Person' is a mighty fine track.

I have no idea what On Exist are singing about (my Primary School French taught me that la neige is snow) but tracks like 'Si La Neige' are beautiful in any language, beautifully recorded and simply mixed and produced - voice, a bit of guitar, bass, bell and harmonies - what more do you need (did I hear a parrot in the background?). If anybody out there fancies roughly translating the lyrics then put them in the comments below.

Micro Interview:

Description: French songs ... Et je répond mieux au xquestions en français. Même si j'ai de la famille en Ecosse

Releases: The Ocean Christmas compilation..with many other artist.

Network: MySpace and Facebook just because it's simple. But for the pro relations we need everytime CD.

What They Have Written:

En 1987, Muriel fait ses premières gammes de guitare sur un banc toulousain. Denis passant par là, s'arrête un moment lui dit quelques mots, échange quelques phrases puis continue sa route .

C'est en 2007 que Muriel et Denis se retrouvent enfin dans la vie comme à la scène pour créer leur duo "on EXIST" et ainsi traduire à travers leurs chansons la passion qui les anime.

Passion des mots, du sens de l'existence, de la force émotionnelle des musiques de l'âme, de la transe naturelle émanant des musiques pop, rock et trip.

1987/2007, juste vingt ans pour se rejoindre...

Cela pourrait n'être qu'une belle histoire mais le plus beau, c'est qu'elle est vraie !

Monday, 29 November 2010

Lidwine - Micro Interview

Goosebumps, tingles and bass in your rib cage - This is without doubt total class. It has been our policy over the years to focus on the positive things about the artists, musicians and authors we review or comment on - I have tried so hard to find something I don't like about Lidwine but - tingle, goosebumps and bass in the rid cage... I have been totally seduced!

How would you describe your music? - Some people say it's Folktronica

Have you any releases coming out soon?
  • Oct 18th 2010 first EP entitled Lw
  • Dec 7th a cover of the Christmas song on Ocean Music 7 Wishes for Christmas
What is your favourite networking site and why? - Facebook, it's easy to handle and more interactive than Myspace

Friday, 26 November 2010

CyLeW - A glimps of sanity(?)

It has been a long day and I've had enough. There is a rat in the garden that refuses to either die or piss off. It is past midnight and I am still keeping an eye open for him. As any cop would tell you - you can't  keep up surveillance with out rest or relaxation - The TV is crap so back to my old faithful 'iMac' and webwards I go.....

There is so much crap out there - pure drivel! But...I found CyLeW.

This is what is said:
CyLeW is one of those hard to label, hard to classify artists, somewhere between romanticism and gothique darkness yet free from the usual cliches. Her universe is dark and somewhat intangible. Her lyrics often deal with serious and difficult subjects with a very touching decency and poetry. Human emotions being at the heart of the subjects. The expression and description of our wounds and deepest fears as well as our acts of bravery or surrender is what inspires her most. Somewhere between acoustic and electric, between gentleness and violence, between imprisonment and liberty, between good and evil, CyLeW plays with antonyms. 

It took me a while to remember what the word antonym means....but opposites is good enough. I have watched a few of the videos and have really enjoyed them. The tracks sound even better live. (I also laughed when I read the file name of the image below - it is very late here!)

CyLeW is from Paris so here is some more of the biog:

Aprés plusieurs démos, l'enregistrement du premier album 'Not so sleeping, not so beauty' commence en décembre 2007. Sur l'album on retrouve Arnaud Bascunana (Deportivo, Luke, Rhesus, No one is Innocent....)prises, mixes et réalisation ainsi que les arrangements, Tass (ex-Karma Sutra, Black Strobe, Darwin Bay) aux guitares puis Nicolas Tinel à la batterie. Le tout masterisé par Raphael Jonin ( Indochine, Rita Mitsoukos...).
En live, CyLeW est entourée de Tass, Arnaud Bascunana et Kriss Kilong (nouveau batteur).

Enough of this sanity I have a rat to catch!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

@monievans - Monika Urszula Evans

This is a great sounding product, with crisp vocals, perfect, and confident nestling snugly over a beautifully controlled, well written and played music soundscape.

What is written on her ReverbNation page:

Monika was born in Krakow, Poland and began her music career playing violin and piano at the age of ten. She has been singing and composing music since the age of sixteen.

Monika is a finalist of the prestigious OPPA 2009, ISSA, semi - finalist of UK Songwriting Contest and a first musician who reached the target of 25.000 zloty on Polish music portal - Over 250 people helped her to collect the money to record her CD in a professional studio, DB studio in Jarocin.

Currently Monika lives and performs in the UK.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Tweetie Pie - 140 ways To Say I Love You

It's Valentine's Day and you don't know where to start - should you go with a self-penned ode to my love munchkin,' a handwritten Shakespearean sonnet, or a dirty limerick? Tweetie Pie brings together 140 creative ways to tell your special someone how much you love them. All short enough to tweet yet more than long enough to say I love you' (twelve times over, in fact). From the poignant and affectionate to the quirky and amusing to the flirtatious and titillating for your lover's eyes only, every shade of love is here. Beautifully designed and bound, this is the perfect Valentine - or any time- gift for the person you love.

Tweetie Pie: 140 ways To Say I Love You

Alms #music – @almsmusic


"They really caught my attention, I've been obsessed with their myspace all week...a real taste for melody, something more than just traditional folk." - BBC Introducing

"...their music creates a rich atmosphere, where every pluck of a banjo or double bass string adds a little more to the mix, each song possessing a kind of gentle lilt that carries you through but refuses to rush...Alms are defined by their honesty – honestly emotional, honestly human and, honestly, they’re wonderful." - Music From A Green Window

"If you cross-bred Mumford & Sons with Fleet Foxes, I imagine that Alms is what you'd get...certainly one of the most interesting bands I've heard of late." - The Blue Walrus

"great lyrics and all round a great vibe" - Fresh Meat Friday on The Meatysauce Review

"Such a great find...all I want to do is listen on loop this evening" - Come Pick Me Up

"I’m such a sucker for songs with pretty lyrics and I just have to say, oh-my-gosh—I am in love with this new track from Alms. The lyrics, everything about the instrumentals...just lovely! " - The Most Music

Friday, 19 November 2010

A personal plea (?)

I really do have to create some space in our storage units – so if anybody wants the paintings below – make me an offer or they will go on the bonfire.
‘Another Fish’
Oil, Acrylic, Computer cut vinyl on canvas
Another Fish
‘Unlearning old skills and employing new strategies are a constant preoccupation…….questioning about how (and in how many ways) we can read the resulting work itself. His stance has been courageous – he has been prepared to let go; take risks and this is beginning to pay dividends.’…..Quote
Exhibited Jan - Feb 05 Broomhill Sculpture Park
‘Self Portrait’ Oil, Acrylic, Computer cut vinyl on canvas 2003/05

I have been accused of being extremely arrogant. I prefer to call it confident. My paintings have become Schizophrenic, I can switch from one ‘style’ of painting to another. Why is it frowned upon to switch from style to style? What is the point of pursuing a singular line of practice?

'Using tape has been a central preoccupation and that in many works has been linked to a professional skill of computer cut imagery.

Picking the next step will require care. Experimentation and novelty have their attractions and there is an aspect to some of the work that revels in the new – the new material; new cut; new size; new interpretation.

I keep thinking about George Braque who learnt artificial wood graining from his time as a decorator; the story goes that he taught Picasso and these painted renderings of wood surface became a staple of cubism.

Computer cut religious imagery; why look any further?'…..Quote

Thursday, 18 November 2010

@TheMerricks - The Merricks

This is very fab!

marc ackermann
The Merricks have seen The Green Kobold at 

The Merricks on MySpace

Everything and anything can appear in these mixes - relaxing soundscapes and beats, the spoken word and electronic magic. These tracks could be Soundtracks or Film music but are definitely Experimental and possibly Electronica. Backwards or forwards these are well crafted pieces. (Listen on MySpace)

Julie Peel - “Living In A Movie”

An email mentioning this track dropped into my inbox ages ago and I listened to it - forgot about it and then I suddenly found myself humming it - I like it.

Julie Peel's “Living In A Movie” is her first single from “Near The Sun” It was recorded in Stockholm with Andreas Dahlbäck, (producer and drummer for Anna Ternheim, Nina Kinert and Jona Lee) and Cyrille Catois, a famous bass player from the Jazz scene. 

The Music video for the single was directed by Audrey Culver from MTV, and shot in New York. The album was mixed at Gary Smith’s (producer for The Pixies, Natalie Merchant, Juliana Hatfield…).


ATTRITION - Celebrating 30 years

 A T T R I T I O N : Dreamtime Collectors. 1980 - 2010

Regular visitors to this blog will be well aware of my  view on Attrition.......Thumbs up. Recommend you get this release.

"Forever there will be the speculation that the exploration of darkness as a beautiful place will lessen our fear of it all, ease the pain a little..."

December 8th this year is the 30th anniversary of the first ever ATTRITION show..
Celebrating 30 years with an all new best of collection..."Dreamtime Collectors" - a 16 track CD album compiled by Martin, featuring many rare versions of ATTRITION classics and a cover designed by Russian artist and film maker Edward 209 ...

The album will be released worldwide by US label Metropolis records on November 9th...

Acid Tongue
Cosmetic Citizen (Stromkern remix)
Two Gods
Lip Sync
The Mercy Machine (97)
A girl called harmony
A'dam & eva
I am (eternity)
Beast of burden (2005 remix)
Monkey in a bin
To the devil!
Into the waves (2005 remix)
What shall i sing?
Fate is smiling
Advance copies available to buy now - direct from their website

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Finish The Story - Twitter Links

Finish The Story Archive Links: Je viens de voir qu’ils avaient affiché un lien vers nous, c’est sympa ! http://...

Sunday, 7 November 2010

The New Jesus and Mary

Hosted by North Devon Web  - DesignMaterials: Acrylic and Oil Paint with commercial vinyl.

This image was created on a computer running Windows 98, manipulated and edited using Signlab. The finished version was cut out in vinyl with a Camm-1 Plotter and stuck onto board.

'Mass Production and The New Jesus and Mary' Memorial design is now almost completely originated on the computer. Standard designs can be purchased from catalogs. My work as a memorial designer has involved producing bespoke designs for commercial clients who reproduce images over and over again. Read more...

Capitalism = Terrorism

exhibited @ "Gallery Night & Day, October 24th & 25th, 2003 - Kunzelmann-Esser Lofts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin"

Conclusion: The impression that Peter has/enjoys choice may be illusory. Computer cut religious imagery could be the way forward. It fits with Peter’s established skills and his commercial practice. The heads of Christ are probably the most complete work so far; but working in this vein may well entail a reappraisal about the possibilities of art – and what next is available to Peter. The work is poised for the next stage.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Audio Interviews with Artists, Musicians and Poets

What’s it really like living with creativity? Look back over the years at the tortured artists, drunken writers and drug-crazed musicians who litter our heritage and you might start to ask the question: is creativity a blessing or a curse? How do people hell-bent on finding their muse cope? Is it the quest for creative fulfillment that causes mental anguish, or is there an imbalance in the first place? Can a creative person ever be truly happy as they constantly strive for perfection in their chosen art? And what is it like living with these two-headed beasts – can they be tamed, or should they be allowed free rein? Peter Bright asks all these questions and more in this soul searching series of interviews with artists, musicians, writers and poets.

Listen to Archive
I did an interview with Jake Bright about the difference between playing bass for ‘The Dastards’ and double bass with The North Devon Sinfonia. This interview took place in-between rehearsals for the Sinfonia’s performance at the Landmark Theatre (Ilfracombe) which was on April 18th 2009. The programme included: Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture, Strauss’ Four Last Songs with the soprano Naomi Harvey from the Welsh National Opera and finally Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5, op.64. The disciplines require for both instruments influences Jake’s own compositions.
There is also an interview with Dave and Sadie Green. Dave is a photographer and Sadie has spent the last few years in the funding side of the Arts. This interview discusses the demise of ‘ArtsCulture’ in Devon and the vacuum left behind by this organisations disappearance.

Juggling with creativity, trying to make it fit into your daily life is a logistical nightmare. In an interview I did with Claire Barker, an artist, illustrator, author, mother, wife, farmer, she explained to me how she talked to the solicitor of the estate of Ted Hughes (UK poet) to get their permission to use one of his poems and still managed to deliver lambs.

Can a creative person ever be truly happy as they constantly strive for perfection in their chosen art? Listen to an interview with Garry Smout, who talks about the problems of using early portable black and white video cameras in the 1970’s, pioneering literary review website the Barcelona Review, early synths and how to kill your babies. The problem with being creative is that everything has to be pushed to the limits.

Creativity is something we are all born with to greater or lesser degrees. It is a vital part of our physiological make up and development. We learn to play and fantasize as children, skills we carry forward into our adulthood. However, if creativity takes hold of your entire existence then it becomes a disease that is parasitic, eating away at your whole world. It might sound melodramatic but creativity can become a cancer of the body or the trigger for psychotic episodes.

Listen to Alisha, a doctor, a GP who is also a poet. I try to find out if creativity is a madness, a disease, an anesthetic or a poison but find out that maybe it could be a ‘Zebra’. Does she use creativity in diagnosis and consultation?

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Purple Eve - Russian Federation

Frantic last minute packing for our trip to St.Petersburg (Russian Federation) tonight so thought I would search for some Russian music to get me in the mood. Didn't fancy any balalaika nonsense but found 'Purple Eve'. I know absolutely nothing about them except I think they appeared around 2008 and they are a mixed up combination of punk, folk and psychedelia mixed in with a load of other stuff - fantastic tracks on their MySpace player (click on the image to go there).

Friday, 27 August 2010

Pixieguts and Jim Robson - A tweet I followed.

 Sometimes you click on something and instead of moving on you hang around and follow it through -

@Pixieguts Track release: Again by @JimRobson featuring my vocals, our first collaboration.

I recommend you go and have a listen to this track. 

Voice: Marie Craven
Music: Jim Robson

Bugger it I think I must get this 'brainworm'.

Revolectronic Society™ - This week's FAV

Basically this is a music collective, that in my humble opinion (I must be more humble and moderate my opinions because I have been accused of being arrogant and unprofessional) - Bollocks - I think this is one of the best 'collaborations' out there, if not the best. 'Save It' is very, very solid and (without offending - you see I'm trying hard to be...) grown up - in an on the edge sort of way.

This is what is said on ReverbNation:
Revolectronic Society is an open group of musicians and artists who've come together with unique styles of influence and have collaborated to create the most unusual electronic music. Society is diverse, and so are we. Revolectronic Society welcomes anyone who would like to join in! Share your talents with us, whatever it may be!

I don't count beats and I can't be arsed to do so, I have no idea what genre this belongs to and quiet frankly I don't give a shit - It is on my player and I love it!

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Raven - Review

If you like luscious strings the track  One Last Time is well worth listening to...but pop over to Myspace and listen to 'Devils Path' for a darker look into this varied collection of tracks.

The smashing of styles and genres together creates an interesting creative, solid product. I love the string, drum, guitar (actually all) production on these tracks - even though each song has a different mood the whole thing is cohesive and very listenable.  Great stuff.

From ReverbNation:

Davey Strehler started The Raven at the age of sixteen, while he was living in sunny Ft.Lauderdale,FL. Between 2007-2008, Davey focused on imporving his musical skills, in Voice,Guitar,Bass and Drums. The band went through numerous members, yet none felt the same passion and drive to provide the band with the dedication needed. In 2009, Davey released the long anticipated E.P through Danse Macabre Records.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

If you don't like it lump it

I have had a lot of support from the readers of this blog with my stance regarding the pap we are being forced to listen to (see ).

I am more than happy to be criticized but make it personal and I will simply tell you to f---k off and call you a c--t.  If you disagree then make a comment. If you think I am arrogant then fine but I have my own opinion and I will defend it!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

This Darker Entity - In All Conscience

When you get an email with content like this you have to go and investigate:

....anyway for the project i have to say that is rubbish,untalented,i am an asshole,deceiver, cause if i say anything different,.........

He's a F*********g fraud and liar. This is brilliant and everything I love about DIY music, dirty, noisy, clever, simple, analogue drums,  analogue arpeggios, scary, and fucking angry!  This is simply beautiful madness. If I had a star rating system this would be 10 out of 10!

Reminds me very much of a partner in crime of mine called Garry Smout (T34, Finish The Story, Eva Eva) - must go and see him and make some NOISE - Thanks for getting in touch with me.

Visit their site

Below is part of an earlier email interview I did with This Darker Entity.
  • Your tracks appear to be heavy (analogue) synth sounds, how would you describe your music?
ANSWER 1- I'm coming from a thrash/death metal background of 80's bands as POSSESSED, CELTIC FROST, among others,so what always I do, I have them in mind.This Darker entity hunting *the spirit of innovation* and I'll explain why? All recordings I've made created on a 1994 pc with windows 98 on it,a microphone that cost 3 dollars in a pc store and a second hand Yamaha SW60 sound card i bought 30 dollars from a friend,and I download the drivers from the net. As you can see this is a miracle of its own,by creating whole songs with such a poor equipment. Other than that I'm not studied musician I don't know notes or musical terms, just creating by *ear* hearing the sounds and record piece by piece. If you ask me what DO RE MI FA SO LA SI DO is, I'll tell you is a pizza or spaghetti....So I call my music ELECTRIC DOOM SYNTHESIS, and this last one is borrowed by BEHERIT/Finland!

The Black String Theory - Review

The Black String Theory stride out from the angst-ridden dark spaces that are called Gothic and deliver songs that have audio references to the 1980's and 1990's. It would be easy to make a list of lots of bands and artists that these tracks remind me of but that would be a bit pointless and quite disrespectful. These tracks immediately draw you in emotionally and lift you up - deliciously self indulgent and music perfect for the twilight. What else can I say except go and have a listen.

The four-song, self titled EP was mixed by GRAMMY Award winning engineer, Chris Testa (Jimmy Eat World, The Subways, Motion City Soundtrack, Switchfoot, Mat Kearney) in Los Angeles, CA and mastered by Tim Young (Editors, The Clash, Bat For Lashes, The Kooks) at Metropolis Studios in London, UK. The EP was made available worldwide via iTunes at the end of April and is also available via Amazon, Napster and eMusic. 

Below is from MySpace:

THE BLACK STRING THEORY was first conceived in July 2009, inspired by what van Dort views as a quest for self-liberation and a life of authenticity. Van Dort says “You can look in an office anywhere around the world and no doubt you’ll find most people there have a shadow life of some sort. I’ve spent years working corporate 9-5 jobs, while writing music and playing in bands on the side, so I know what it's like to lead a double-life. I realized I had to give rise to that side of me if I was ever going to live authentically.”

Visit their site
Content by
This Window

Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Tascam 144 4 track cassette recorder

'Like A Sickle Runs Through Corn' was recorded on a 4 track Tascam 144 cassette recorder – I had bought this in Birmingham – the store fleeced me with excessive repayments – they were expensive bits of kit and a piece of cutting edge technology - in comparison with today’s digital audio world they were positively primitive. This was a massive investment for me and at the time - it was the best available home recording equipment on the market and Finish The Story had two of them.

Remember the tascam 144 portastudio 4 track multi-track cassette recorder? Track released by Beggars Banquet, see Finish The Story track on this 1980's vinyl release on

Below is from

Gunfire and Pianos LP Zig Zag Situation Two - made in England - 1988 situ 17...Lp vinyl record album, not a cd...various artists...cover is VG+ condition with made in England sticker, vinyl is VG condition with some marks...features : ALL ABOUT EVE - Suppertime / AGE OF CHANCE -I Don't Know And I Don't Care / ZOOEY - Teddy Bear / MANCUBS - Serious / PSYCHIC TV - Baby's Gone Away / MEMBRANES - (Even More) Skin and Bone / ZOOEY - Carnival / DIATRIBE - Peace In Our Time / JAZZ BUTCHER - Lost In France / FINISH THE STORY - Like a Sickle Runs Through Corn / PASTELS - I'm Alright With You / BABY BRAVE - Rainmaker / BRIGANDAGE - Up To You / VERY THINGS - The Hole / NAKED RAYGUN -Home Of The Brave / ZOOEY - Zooey.

Nude Woodcut for sale

This series of woodcuts is available to purchase. This image was exhibited in the 150 Building at West Buckland School, North Devon. This woodcut is printed over pages of an old directory of important people from the early 20th century. … Continue reading

Visit their page

Portrait of St.Austell – woodcut print for sale

Woodcut printed over high quality printed page from a book outlining the history of St.Austell in Cornwall. This series of woodcuts is available to purchase. This image was exhibited in the 150 Building at West Buckland School, North Devon. Each … Continue reading

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Jim Robson - Review

I often dip into Jim Robson's music, relaxing, beautifully constructed and executed. The production is first rate  - 'Equilibrium' is a cool chill out track which is perfect from where I'm sitting,  looking out to the sea with the sun just beginning to set after a wonderful warm Summer's day.

'Bridge' gently pulls you into its atmospheric swirl and cocoons you safely in a piano, feather filled duvet - Splendid!

This is what is said on Reverb Nation: Around the 80's JIM ROBSON bought a 4-track tape-recorder and wrote like mad. Then MIDI came on the scene and he embraced that like it was going out of fashion (which it hasn't). The keyboard has always been a favourite medium of musical expression of his and although he have never had any lessons, he continues to use it as a compositional tool.

Speaking as an 'old man' who cut his teeth on 2 and 4 track tape recorders, you can tell when a piece of music is not over produced with a zillion tracks. Using tape taught me not to be overly excessive when laying down tracks - only play and record what you need. I think I can spot the same philosophy in this music, the temptation to over produce has been avoided, you are only given what is precisely required. That is a rare skill these days.

Nika Shoot - Concert

I watched Nika Shoot play last year and it was jaw dropping. To feel a grand piano rumble and hear it cry is an experience that is up there on any to do list.

West Buckland Festival 2010
Thursday 9th September, 7.30p.m. to 9.45p.m. Pianist Veronika Shoot currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music, London presents a special program of classical Piano Music.
Interval at 8.20 p.m. refreshments.
Tickets £12

Russian-born Nika Shoot moved to England aged 5, and gave her first recital aged 7 in Dartington International Summer School. She began her musical training with her mother, and at the age of 7 was offered a full scholarship to study at the two leading music schools in the UK, but continued her private tuition with Ilana Davids until the age of 10, when she took up a place at the Yehudi Menuhin School of music to study with Irina Zaritskaya. Later, she continued her studies at the Purcell School of music under a full scholarship, and is at present in her third year at the Royal Academy of Music where she is a recipient of the Frederic Jackson Award, studying with Tatiana Sarkissova.
Nika has performed at numerous venues throughout England and abroad, notably, London’s Wigmore Hall on 3 occasions, The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Steinway Hall, The Purcell Room and Jaques Samuels. Concerts abroad include ; The Amsterdam Conservatoire, The Royal Conservatoire in the Hague, the International Mozart Festival in Istanbul, The Coblenz Gymnasium in Germany, the Hudební Škola in Prague and L’Opera Gabriel at the Chateau de Versailles, France. A recipent of numerous prizes and awards, including the musicas fund and the Michael Hamburg trust, Nika received a special award at the 2008 Final of the Yamaha International Piano Competition (YMFE),inviting her to attend that years’ Birmingham International Piano Academy under a full scholarship. Nika has given many recitals and concerto performances in venues throughout Devon, including Plymouth, Dartmouth, Exeter, Torquay, West Buckland Festival, and Dartington’s Great Hall. Nika was a winner of the Young Musicians’ Competition at the Two Moors Festival, where she also gave a recital.
She has had masterclasses with renowned musicians such as Dmitri Bashkirov, Murray Perahia, Jean-Bernard Pommier, John Lill, Boris Berman, Joanna Macgregor and others. A participant of the Tel Hai International Piano Masterclasses in Israel, she studied under Emanuel Krasovsky, playing in a number of masterclasses and performances. In July 2009, she was selected by John Lill to perform in Dartington’s Great Hall in a concert for the Dartington International Summer festival. Recent performances include Rachmaninov’s 2nd piano concerto with Torbay Symphony Orchestra under Richard Gonski.